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Electronic Health Records

With quick Recording and Search Features, you'll create and have immediate access to patient data 24/7. Includes customizable forms, templates, image importing, and special tools for acupuncturists. We know that you like to chart your way and not be forced to enter rigid, predefined forms that don't fit your style. The flexible editor also comes with drawing tools, so you can use a mouse or touch device to draw images directly into your chart notes.

Online Scheduling & Calendar

You and your patients will always be on the same page with automatic email and SMS text message appointment reminders with patient reply confirmations. Allow new and existing patients to schedule with you online. Acusimple can sync with so you can edit your Acusimple events on Google and also edit your Google Calendars on Acusimple. Acusimple can also publish to to iCal, Outlook, and other calendar apps so you can view your appointments in real-time anywhere.

Integrated Payments

Now you can conduct all of your business on Acusimple! We have partnered with PaySimple to offer a simple and fast method for your patients to pay for your services and products.

  • Manage all of your business from within one integrated solution.
  • Process credit and debit card payments from your computer or mobile device.
  • Accept card pre-payments for appointments scheduled online or charge fees for cancelled appointments or no-shows.
  • This special rate is only available through Acusimple.
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Electronic Insurance Claims, CMS-1500, Superbills, Invoices, and Statements

However you prefer to bill insurance, we have you covered. Get instant access to over 5,000 Insurance Payers, including every US payer, and submit your insurance claims electronically. Create professionally completed CMS-1500 forms that can be printed directly or downloaded for use with pre-printed forms, and make great looking superbills, invoices and statements with your customized letterhead.

Patient Portal

Now your patients can securely fill out secure electronic forms that comply with HIPAA rules and regulations, view online documents, view upcoming appointments, and submit verified reviews of your services. Create patient forms with a simple drag and drop form editor to include text inputs, radio buttons, select inputs, signatures, and more.


Acusimple keeps track of your financial transactions and inventory. It can generate income/expense reports defined by any period of time and it breaks out your income and expenses by category. You can also export your data in OFX or CSV files, which can be used by other financial software.

Acupuncture and Herbal Reference Guides

Acusimple comes with a complete acupuncture point reference that includes all 361 main points, over 100 extra points, 60 auricular points, scalp points, point categories, actions, indications, needle depth and moxa, and more. The herbal references contains over 400 single herbs and over 450 formulas, which can also be used for patient charts and inventory tracking - and all this is at your fingertips with filters and search features so you can find what you are looking for quickly.

More Features

High Security & HIPAA Compliance

We employ high-level security measures that comply with HIPAA rules and regulations and security standards, including SSL, modern database encryption technologies, and off-site daily backups to safeguard your data and patient records.

Multiple Users & Practices

Create multiple users with specific access levels for you and your staff and create different practices with custom fee schedules and templates for separate locations or billing groups.


Stay connected to your clients with beautiful group emails, that can be filtered by patient status, last visit date, and more. Also, you can send encrypted PDF attachments, such as patient records, for enhanced email security.

Mobile Friendly

Acusimple is a web-based application that you can access anytime, anywhere, and it works well with mobile devices.

Outstanding Support

We are available to quickly help you with any questions or support requests by phone, support tickets, or email. We welcome your feedback and suggestions and can customize aspects of our software to meet your requirements.

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