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Free yourself from tedious practice management tasks.

Energize Your Practice

Acusimple enhances and organizes your practice with hundreds of features that fit any style of practice.

Patient Services

Online Scheduling

Your patients can book appointments online anytime with our hosted scheduling website using a beautiful and intuitive interface. With automatic email and SMS text message appointment reminders, welcome emails, patient reply confirmations, waitlisting, and practitioner alerts, you'll be assured that you and your patients will be prepared and on-time for your appointments. Accept pre-payments or require a credit card. Online scheduling can be customized to work with multiple rooms and practitioners too.

Efficient Calendar

Acusimple's calendar is a robust and unified interface for all your events - professional and personal. It can also sync with Google and Apple iCloud Calendars so you can edit your Acusimple events on Google and also edit your remote Calendars on Acusimple. Acusimple can also publish to iCal, Outlook, and other calendar apps so you can view your appointments in real-time anywhere.

Telemedicine, Email, Fax & Text Messaging

Communicate with your patients in real-time with telemedicine. Acusimple offers convient, secure patient-practitioner video calls, integrated within our platform, that require no additional software or downloads.

Stay connected to your clients with custom HIPAA compliant group emails, that can be filtered by patient status, last visit date, and more. Send and receive HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX compliant faxes and email encrypted PDF attachments, such as patient records, for enhanced security.

Acusimple offers Integrated SMS Text Messaging, which allows you to send texts right from our platform so you can easily communicate and record these conversations with your patients.

Patient Portal

Patients can securely fill out secure electronic forms that comply with HIPAA rules and regulations, view online documents, invoices, and statements, view and reschedule upcoming appointments, and send practitioners secure messages. Patients can complete custom electronic forms at home or in your office that are electroncially signed and submitted to you without the need of any paper documents.


Allow patients submit verified reviews of your services which you can approve and publish with a click.

Online Store

Sell products and services on a full-featured online store. List your products in custom groups, add descriptions, multiple images and custom shipping options. Our integration with Shippo allows you to calculate shipping rates automatically and print labels directly from Acusimple where we track and organize your orders, custom coupons, and inventory.

Website Widgets

The Patient Portal, Online Scheduling and Reviews can all be added together or separately as widgets on your website so you don't need to redirect your patients away from your site.

Online Store
Point Editor
Charts & Documents

Electronic Health Records

Our electronic health record features are the most customizable and elegent in the industry. Choose from dozens of pre-made forms or customize your own to your exact needs. Our EHR's are securely backed-up and automatically saved during charting for peace of mind. With our web-based software, You have immediate access to all your patient records and information 24/7 from any computer anywhere.

Beautiful, Custom Forms

We know that you like to chart your way and not be forced to enter rigid, predefined forms that don't fit your style. Now you can create beautiful and highly custom patient forms with a simple drag and drop form editor to include text inputs, radio buttons, select inputs, signatures, sliders and much more. Form elements can be arranged and rearranged in any order, with single and multiple column widths.

Acupuncture Tools

Easily add acupuncture points to you chart notes with our complete point, moxabustion, and side selectors, customizable quick text, and manual text entry inputs. Our acupuncture service form items can also include diagnostic information, treatment plans, and your custom images can be used with our integrated drawing tools and labels.

Quick Text

Add often used phrases, points, pulses, etc., to form elements to create fully documented treatment plans and provided services that include pre-populated needle retention times, ICD and CPT codes to streamline your charting.

Integrations & Finance


Acusimple offers many integration to streamline and organize your workflow. Some of the integration we offer are:

  • Fullscript, a free online supplement dispensary offers virtual dispensing, in-office sales, and one-to-many care. Fullscript treatment plans can be seamlessly prescribed right from within your Acusimple EHR.
  • Email - Link Acusimple to Gmail, Apple iCloud, Yahoo, Outlook, or your own custom server. See Google's Limited Use Disclosure
  • Google & Apple iCloud Calendars - Fully sync to Acusimple in real-time!
  • Mailchimp & Constant Contact - Quickly upload patient lists from Acusimple with these app-specific file formats.
  • Quickbooks Desktop - Download data in Quickbooks file formats to seamlessly import your data into Quickbooks.
  • Payments - We partner with Square and PaySimple to offer fully integrated credit card processing.
  • Online Herbal Dispensaries - We integrate with China Herb, Herb Dispenser, Five Flavors, The Vital Compass, Estuary Herbs, Root and Branch, and Heart Hand Land allowing you to virtually dispense and record formula and product prescriptions in your EHRs.

Billing & Invoicing

Create beautiful, custom invoices and statements. Acusimple's invoicing features include recurring invoicing, pre-paid packages, gift certificates, retainer payments, transfers, and more.

CMS-1500, Superbills, E-Claims, & Eligibility

However you prefer to bill insurance, we have you covered. Instantly check your patients' insurance eligibility and access over 5,000 insurance payers for effortless electronic insurance claims submissions and electronic remittance advice. Create professionally completed CMS-1500's, superbills, and electronic claims with pre-populated fields that minimize data entry. If you prefer paper claims, download these and use them as is or with pre-printed CMS-1500 templates.

Integrated Payments

Now you can conduct all of your business on Acusimple! We are partnered with PaySimple and Square to offer a simple and fast method for your patients to pay for your services and products. Manage all of your business from within one integrated solution, using a mobile device, PaySimple USB swiper, or manual credit card entry. Additionally accept card pre-payments for appointments scheduled online or charge fees for cancelled appointments or no-shows.

Inventory, Pharmacy Management & Barcode Scanning

Acusimple automatically tracks your products' quantity in stock and you can quickly add products to an invoice on a computer with a USB scanner. With full pharmacy management, Acusimple can track the stock of single herbs in your pharmacy and calculate formula costs based on your custom formulas.


Financial Reports

Acusimple can generate Income/Expense, Accounts Receivable, Accural, Inventory, and Insurance reports with advanced filtering options. Quickly track your financial progress from our financial overview, which includes snapshots of your net income, total income, expenses, retainer credit and taxes owed. Filter your results by practice, payment date, payment method, patient status, and product & service tags too! Export your data as a PDF, CSV or OFX file types.

Calendar Reports

Acusimple calendar reports details a breakdown of your services by units and event history over time. Filter by practice, date range, patient status, and product & service tags.

Tools & Resources

Custom Scheduled Messages, Tasks & Reminders

Create custom scheduled emails and text messages to be automatically sent to patients groups at any time before or after different types of events. This is great for setting up pre-meeting or follow-up communicatons with patients before or after certain types of appointments.

Send emails and texts to patients automatically at a specific time with our Tasks feature - perfect for scheduling group emails or announcements. With Reminders, you and your staff are updated in real-time of important events by text, email, or in-app messages.

Acupuncture & Herbal References

At your fingertips, Acusimple comes complete with an Acupuncture Point Reference, Single Herb Reference, Chinese Pharmacy with over 400 formulas, as well as Insurance CPT and ICD-10 codes.

Acupuncture Reference
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HIPAA Compliant & Highly Secure

We employ high-level security measures that comply with HIPAA rules and regulations and security standards, including SSL, modern database encryption technologies, and off-site daily backups to safeguard your data and patient records.

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Multiple Practitioners, Staff, & Locations

Create multiple users with specific access levels for you and your staff and create different practices with custom fee schedules and templates for separate locations or billing groups.

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Mobile Friendly

Acusimple is a web-based application that you can access anytime, anywhere, and it works well with mobile devices.

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Outstanding Support

Our team is highly trained and responsive. We are available to quickly help you with any questions or requests by phone, email, or our integrated ticketing system.