Plans & Pricing
$ 19.99 /mo
$ 59.99 /mo
$ 69.99 /mo
$ 79.99 /mo
Online Appointment Scheduling
Google Calendar Sync & Publishing
Appointment Waitlisting
Room Management
Email Appointment Reminders
Text Message Reminders
Birthday Emails
New Patient Welcome Emails
Custom Scheduled Emails
Patient Demographics & Tagging
Practitioner Memos
Online Appointment Pre-Payments1
Calendar Reports
In-App Staff Messaging
Ticket, Phone, & Email Support
Administrator Accounts2
Electronic Health Records
Split-Screen Charting
Patient Documents
Custom Forms
Patient Portal
Secure Patient Form Submission
Secure Patient Messaging
Online Patient Reviews
Inventory Management & Barcode Scanning
Invoicing & Statements
Multiple Locations
Pre-Paid Packages & Gift Certificates
Expenses Tracking
Financial Reports
ICD/CPT Code Reference
Acupuncture Point Reference
Herbal Materia Medica & Formulas
Inventory Tracking
Online Store3
Shippo Shipping Integration4
Fullscript Integration
Telemedicine Video Calls
Practitioner Accounts5
Group Emails
Electronic Claim Submissions6
Electronic Eligibility Verification6
EHR Drawing Tools
Integrated HIPAA Compliant Fax7
1Online appointment pre-payments requires integrated payments.
2Each administrator account is an additional $20/mo.
3The Online Store is an additional $20/mo.
4A Shippo account and Acusimple Online Store are required.
5Each practitioner account is an additional $29/mo.
650 claim credits are included/month. Each submission uses 1 credit. Eligibility uses ½ credit. Additional credits are $.35 each.
7Integrated Fax includes a dedicated number and is an additional $5/month. It includes 50 incoming and outgoing pages/month. Per page prices are based on a 60 second transmission time; pages that take longer to transmit may be charged as multiple pages. Additional pages are $.05/page. HIPAA, GLBA, and SOX compliant.

Integrated Payments

Acusimple has partnered with PaySimple and Square to offer you integrated credit and debit card payments from your computer and/or mobile device. Desktop USB swiping is only available with PaySimple.

With PaySimple :

Keyed-in, Card-on-File, Desktop USB, & Mobile Card Swiping.

2.9% + 30¢ / All Transactions

This special rate is only available through Acusimple. Hardware: MagTek USB Card Swipe Reader & PaySimple Mobile Swiper

With Square:

2.9% + 30¢ / Keyed-in & Card-on-File Transactions.

2.6% + 10¢ / Mobile Device Transactions (Tapped, Dipped, or Swiped).

*Square rates are subject to change and determined by Square.

Additional User Accounts

With the Plus and Premium Plans any number of additional user accounts can be added. Additional user accounts are necessary for simultaneous access to Acusimple.

Add an additional practitioner for $29/month.

Add an administrative user to any plan for $20/month.

Add an scheduling-only user to any plan for $10/month.

Online StoreNew

Eligible on the Basic, Plus and Premium Plans with accounts that have an integrated payment gateway enabled.

$20/month & includes customizable online stores for all practices.

Clinic Accounts New

Eligible on the Plus and Premium Plans for clinics with 10 or more practitioners. External calendars are not supported.

$15/month for each Staff Account.

Timeline Calendar View for full scheduling overview.


Our customers love Acusimple!

“Not only is the whole platform easy to use, gets frequently updated, and new features are added regularly (and are very relevant and useful), but your support is unparalleled... Please keep being amazing! Your work is greatly appreciated!”

Anne Devereux, L.Ac.

“I can't say enough good things about Acusimple. Have been using them for 6 years. Very customizable and I use every aspect of it with admin staff and 2 acupuncturists. It's seamless and anything I have ever needed help with I send a support ticket and they are super helpful and quick to respond.”

Stacie Shain, D.O.M.

“Acusimple wants you to succeed with the greatest of ease. Their customer service is over the top! Not only that, I love their software. They have some wonderful components that make life in the office simpler and smoother. Their scheduling system is seamless and my patients are happy with it too! I highly suggest Acusimple!”

Karen Hershman, L.Ac.

“My entire way of running my business has changed since running Acusimple. My practice can be handled all from one program. Everything from scheduling patients, to billing insurance companies is intuitive and simple... The ease of their program and outstanding customer service has easily made Acusimple the best practice management software I have ever used.”

Scott Moylan, M.S., L.Ac.

“I think your calendar is so user friendly and I just did in 30 minutes what it took me 3 weeks to find out [other software] can't do.”

Katie Herman, L.Ac.

“You all provide an amazing service and I would not be able to practice as well as I do without you... Keep up the good work, I tell everyone I know about you all.”

Ryan Powell, L.Ac.

“Just want to send a quick note and let you all know what an AWESOME product this is!! I really love the interface, visual appearance, functionality, support, workflow, attention to detail and on and on. You’re all doing a great job, thanks for sharing your gifts!!”

Jean Twomey, L.Ac.

“I really appreciate all of your hard work on the program, listening to feedback, and being so good about implementing suggestions. It really makes for a good experience on my end... I come across lots of practitioners asking about EHR programs and I always push Acusimple.”

Nick Buddle, L.Ac. EAMP

“Thanks so much for all your support during my time with you guys. You've always been so steady and mellow and helpful and responsive, I very much appreciate it.”

Athena Desai, MAOM, Dipl OM, Lic Ac

“Your support is amazing. Thank you so much... You have been the best software since 2015. I couldn't work without you.”

Kamolluck Trateng, L.Ac.